In the fast paced and ever-changing environment of Hemp and CBD, minor cannabinoids are finally getting their due. First, we had breeders in Europe, who developed novel CBG strains in Switzerland and other pioneering suppliers, who made CBG isolate available in 2015. Later, As CBD was in full swing, the Crawford Brothers of OregonCBD launched their game-changing CBD strain: White CBG. One of two commercially developed CBG strains from the world-famous seed company.

Many believe that CBG offers the same or even more of the benefits of CBD. For a more detailed look at CBG and the research that has been conducted on this once rare cannabinoid, Check out this detailed profile of CBG from 

White CBG has in a short time, already proven to be a true disruptor in the boutique hemp market. Casual buyers and connoisseurs alike have been delighted by the outstanding quality of this CBG phenom.

Delicate, light and fluffy buds are covered in frosty white trichomes. The buds are extremely resinous and the sticky aroma of sweet onions and fruity garlic give way to a smoothness that is unparalleled by any CBD strain. One seasoned grower found remarkable similarities between the White CBG and the classic Mexican Haze. 

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